boomsatsuma is re-launching Eclectic Sessions as part of its boomsatsuma presents programme promoting the best new music in the region.

Eclectic Sessions will be an online music platform dedicated to promoting original and exciting talent from the region, and to re launch it we are offering just 10 artists or bands the opportunity to play a session that will be professionally filmed.

Filming live performances of the region’s upcoming talent in the style of a session will give emerging musicians a great opportunity to get their music heard and seen.

The team behind Eclectic Sessions Michael Renwick and Marlon Bass said:

‘In an age where online content is so easily produced and seen it’s important for emerging musicians to create something exciting, interesting and of a high quality. We work with artists to create a session film that fits their identity, promotes their music and ultimately helps them get to where they want to be.’

Previous artists who have taken part in Eclectic Sessions include Sam Brockington, the Rupees and Towers.

If you're looking for a new way to be heard, go to our submissions page and provide a link to the song you’d like filmed via YouTube or SoundCloud.

All submissions go through a vetting process and the team will get back to you if they think you'd be appropriate for the next Eclectic Sessions.

For further details contact Michael Renwick or Chloe Edgell