As self-professed lovers of Bristol and it’s music scene Valita are inspired, as are many bands who’ve come out of the city, with a diverse range of musical influences. They’d prefer not to define their music within a particular genre and struggle to give a short list of influences but for the sake of us have agreed on Portishead and Beach House as their two key influences. So, it’s quite coincidental that Portishead recorded in the very same studio Valita now stand in. This was a special moment for the four, who’ve been focussing on honing their sound and EP over the last months. The EP by the way, is to be released later this Spring.

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Song: Vines

Musicians: Hester Battin (Guitar/Vocals) Matt Rowe (Guitar/Vocals) Stephen Beese (Bass) Neil Loughery (Drums)


Producer: Chloe Edgell Director: Rob Le Mare Videographers: boomsatsuma students at Bristol Met. Production Assistants: Mikie Renwick and Marlon Bass