As emerging electronic pop experiments go Rozelle are one of our favourites. That’s why we welcomed the news of their latest release Crystallised with a little skip and jump at boomsatsuma presents HQ.

Led by fierce front women Hayley Smith and Lou Lou Barry, Rozelle’s sound floats in between the lines of broody grunge music, ambient electronica and in parts chart pop.

The band’s latest release Crystallised is a sultry blend of delicious guitar riffs, ambient sounds and haunted vocal harmonies. Like most millennials, Rozelle are mindful and unafraid to embrace the darker side of the human psyche, we spoke with front woman Lou Lou Barry about the meaning of this new release; ‘It summarises the positive feelings that can come with a change and the notion of feeling trapped or cemented.’ She continues, ‘sometimes it's better to embrace your darker thoughts, to allow room for the lighter ones.’ In a time of uncertainty in the world this release comes as a welcome sentiment.

Rozelle continue to push forth on a library of self-produced tracks due for release next year. We look forwards to these releases with anticipation...

Crystallised is availabe on Spotify and ITunes now. Listen below: